New album

Hi friends, I’m excited to share that my debut solo album Hot Off The Wire is coming out on April 27th, 2022. This has been a project long in the works and I’m excited to finally be able to share it. The album as a whole champions the value of genuine human connection in the face of impersonal, analytics-driven trends in music. It explores a uniquely blended genre and amplifies the importance of artists taking a stand instead of conforming to what’s trending.  

As an independent artist, the cost of recording and promoting an album is always a hurdle. That’s where the importance of community comes in. I’m asking for support in raising $10,000 to go towards the costs of mixing, mastering, and promoting the album as well as tour support for the upcoming Summer. I’d love for you to become part of the team that successfully brings this album to life. Pre-orders are very helpful, and I have a variety of unique packages to offer you for your support. I’m eager to get this out into the world, and all support is greatly appreciated!

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